Celebrate Oktoberfest Tampa in style with friends and family under the VIP tent!

Be in the heart of the action! Every year we work to improve the experience for everyone.  When you rock VIP style this year, you can forget about those beer tickets, you can forget about standing in lines, while you enjoy your Oktoberfest Tampa experience.   Did we mention the free Beck’s Oktoberfest refills?  All day, only for VIP’s, available for you under the VIP tent and included in your ticket price.

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Here is what is included in our VIP experience packages:

• Official Oktoberfest Stein (1 Liter Acrylic)

• Free Beck’s Oktoberfest Refills

• König’s Feast (Get a full food plate including a Pretzel!)

• Table side service (Food delivered to you!)

• VIP Express Entry

• VIP Tent with extended lounge


We can’t wait to see everyone at the fest!



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Want to treat friends & family?


If you truly want to relax over the weekend this is absolutely the best way to do it. A VIP table means you don’t wait in line for a seat, or even a beer. Order your beers table side. Get a liter Stein, filled with tasty cold beer. That’s 32oz of golden delicious refreshment. We’re reserving only a few tables for our VIP area’s. Extremely limited availability. You get six VIP passes, and your own table for the entire day. Each table comes with the ability to hang your company or family banner, like the official tables of the festzelt tents in Munich, Germany. Oh yeah, and a server to take care of your food and beverage needs.


  • 6 – Official Oktoberfest Tampa Steins (1 Liter dimpled Acrylic)
  • Free Refills of Beck’s Oktoberfest
  • Private VIP Table and Benches
  • VIP Entrance / Express Gate Entry
  • 6 large food plates each including a pretzel!

To Reserve A VIP table, please email:

WINE WILL ALSO BE AVAILABLE AT THE EVENT – for $ 7 a glass – choose from:

- German Riesling   [Blüfeld]

- Gewürztraminer [Chateau Ste. Michelle]

- Merlot [Hogue]

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  • DD

    Is there ever a chance that you will offer a VIP Designated Driver pass? I don’t mind if I have to wear a shirt that say “Don’t even give this person a sample!” but I would like to be able to be seated with, and move around the event easily with my VIP drinking buddies.

  • Iuyhiijkhui


  • Anonymous

    The link for buying tickets doesn’t work. I was looking to get VIP tickets, are these sold out?

  • Nicol

    Hi Edamus – Here is the direct link to buying tickets: There are regular VIP and Weekend VIP pass options available for you! If you have any questions at all, feel free to email: PROST!

  • Christine Canevari

    Nice pic!!!

  • V Gomez

    What brands of beers are available? Is Paulaner availabel?

  • Eavan H

    The 2011 Oktoberfest was so much fun, but this event has become so commercialized and crappy. VIP now costs almost 4 times what it did 2 years ago and the atmosphere sucks. I hope you’re swimming in giant piles of money.

  • Anonymous

    We are sorry you feel that way. No one is swimming in pools of money, but there are a lot of very hard working people who put a lot of effort into hosting a great party for the people of Tampa Bay. We understand the event has grown from it’s humble beginnings to one of the largest beer events in Tampa. We are working very hard to bring that intimate experience of the old venue into Curtis Hixon Park. We’re just a small group of people trying to throw a fun event. If you liked our 2011 event I would implore you to come visit us in 2013. I think you will be happy with the changes.


  • Jordan

    Is food included in VIP?

  • Stephayne Conzett

    @DD has a very valid two year old question that has received no response. My husband and I would like a VIP but, I do not drink at all. It would appear obvious that safety would be a concern and giving designated non-drinkers / drivers a different color wristband / handstamp or something would not be difficult. Without that ability, we will not attend. There should be in fact, special “perks” for those who are the designated drivers. Seems quite irresponsible that an option for non-drinkers does not exist.